Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just Keep Driving, Just Keep Driving

I did it! I have driven across the country . . . twice! It happened within four months of each other, and yet it was so fun! I never thought I could have so much fun doing it either.

There I was, it was late April, I had just finished my last final for the school year, and I was then loading up my car, ready to head to Florida to participate in my Disney World internship. I was thinking the long journey was going to be a painful, excruciating, and boring – after all – I was traveling all by myself. But by George, I was going to have my car down in Florida! But after traveling the distance, I found it to be really fun!

The same for when I returned home. I was finished with my program, although it was really fun; I was excited to get back to Utah. My family had visited me and they had the luxury of flying back to Utah, while I had to get my car 2,500 miles back to Provo, UT. This time I did not feel so up to traveling the distance. But I did it anyways. Although it was long, I enjoyed it again!

Why did I get a kick out of traveling the same route, twice, within such a short amount of time? Several reasons my good people! Since I was traveling by myself, I got to think so much about several things I just have not been able to focus on since I was a pretty social butterfly in Florida, while I was at Disney I was always with somebody, in the car, I was by myself and I was able to focus on several new goals, and just have the tranquility that exists when I do not have to entertain anyone.

This country of the United States of America is beautiful! The Appalachian Mountains with its green peaks and random water traps everywhere was beautiful. The forests all along the way were luscious. The farmlands of Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado are so tranquil and promote a different kind of life I have never even considered, not to mention it was so fun to look out on the horizon, and see nothing but corn and wheat, not to mention cows. And then once one hits the Rocky Mountains, the winding road of I-70 all the way to the deserts of Utah make one feel like a Nascar driver.

The idea of being in a place I have never been in before really got to me as well. I had gone across the entire country, to states I had never been to before, I accomplished something big. Plus ever since I got home, it is just neat to have the bragging right of saying I have driven almost the entire country. Not to many people have gone from the West to the East or vice versa via car.

My route is about 37 hours and I traveled through nine states, and travel 2,320 miles going one way. It was just exciting and I wonder if I will have a road trip like that again someday.

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Just one last highlight, the scene between the prairie of Colorado and the Rockies going in to Denver is incredible. It is totally flat, and then once you see the outskirts of Denver, bam, there are these huge mountains skyrocketing up to the sky directly in front of you. It is such a drastic contrast.

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