Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Project: Computer Construction

I have a new project. I am going to build my own desktop computer!

It's going to look that amazing
I have a feeling my blog posts are just going to get that much more nerdier the more I accept the greatness that is technology.

The plan is to use this computer to be able to run multiple virtual machines on it in order to practice networking and run different operating systems on them just so I can get amazing computer skills on something better than my three year old laptop. Can someone say quad-core baby?

Either way, I'll keep you up to date on the project under the computer construction category just so you can see what I did to make it a pretty cool device.

Have fun and we'll see what happens!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Internet apparently has a past

So apparently there is this really cool website that allows you to see a website as it looked back in the good ol' days. I had fun looking at my old website before I decided it was pointless to have one at the time. And I got to see google when it was like, one year old and all this other crazy stuff!

Check it out!


Just type in a url of the website you want to see (http://apple.com) and see what the website looked like a long time ago, it will be great.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Google Math Equations!

Just to show you how rad Google search is, go ahead and search this math equation. I'm pretty sure the answer will be mutual from you as well.


Or just click here.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Less Texting

New goal in life. Less texting.
Texting is totally awesome!

Honestly, when is texting ever considered good?
It is considered tacky if you ask a girl out via texting.
Texting while driving is deadly.
Texting while with friends is just rude.
Looking at your phone on a date is a sign of disinterest, usually people are checking for texts.
It takes so much longer to text than just call someone up.
Texting removes all forms of human interaction, period.
People don't really pay that much attention to your texts.
How easy is it to avoid a text message and not respond to it?

I have come to the conclusion that texting in general is just a bother. I know this because I text a lot, and I have noticed how little it actually does for me.

So that is why I am putting in to place my new goal, less texting all together. I can only think of a few rare situations I'm going to text:
  1. When I need a quick answer.
  2. Tell someone to call me if my previous call did not get through.
  3. Make funny comments about mustaches with my friend while we walk around campus. Seriously guys, why do you have mustaches?
For now on, I'm calling, how else should a social butterfly like myself roll?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

10-Day Facebook Fast

Today, this very night, I determined to go on a much needed, 10-day facebook fast. Why you ask? Because that website takes up so much of my time dangit!

Why should I spend so much time reading about all my 800 friends' statuses when I can just call up a really good friend and see how they are doing? Why should I, whenever I think about a cute girl, go look at their profile, rather than text them or call them up? (You know me guys, that has the potential to happen, a lot.) Why should I allow the tyrannical grip of facebook take my precious time when I should be studying for important school projects and the GMAT?

No sir, I will I not be using that website any more for ten days!

Honestly though, it is quite ingenious what I have discovered someone should do if they want to do a Facebook fast.

It's simple:

1) Have the will power to not touch that website for however long you wish.

And that's it . . . or, if you are weak like me and don't have any willpower, at all, you can do this:

1) Turn off any email notifications from facebook.
2) Go to PCTools and automatically generate a password, now don't read the password, just copy it.
3) Go to http://emailfuture.com/ and send yourself an email for however long in the future you plan to be on your facebook fast. Make sure you include the new password in the email and follow the directions in the email to make sure you get that future email.
4) Change your password on facebook with the new one by pasting it in without knowing it.
5) Logout of Facebook, you are now not able to get onto your profile until the future email gets to you.

And there you go, may your facebook fast be full of joy and abundant new discoveries in yourself. I already feel the desire to see how that one girl is doing . . . darn it.

Note: Thanks to http://www.wikihow.com/Block-Access-to-Your-Facebook-Account-Temporarily for the links and the idea on how to execute this plan.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Making Goals into Habits

Give me a stock clerk with a goal and I'll give you a man who will make history. Give me a man with no goals and I'll give you a stock clerk."
- J.C. Penny

I like this quote, it not only shows that in order to become a great person, you must have goals, but also people with goals are the ones who become people who make history. And that is what I want for me, to become a person who makes history, well that requires making goals, and those goals must become our habits. Well here are my goals for 2011 that I want to turn into my habits . . . mostly, a lot of them are also just goals that will happen to change my life for the better, helping me to become what I want in the process. Just enjoy what I have written down!

Fitness Goals
  • Finish the complete P90X exercise program one more time.
  • Start a new workout program after P90X. (Possibly intensity)
    • The idea behind all this is to just to continue as I have been at having a great fitness habit for my life.
Nutrition Goals
  • Read at least two books on basics on nutrition.
  • Learn to cook at least one new meal a week.
  • Develop a favorite recipes book.
  • Limit eating out to special occasions (yes ladies, that includes dates).
  • Plan out my meals throughout the day to avoid eating out.
Financial Goals
  • Reach designated amount in my savings account and keep it there (I'm not telling you how little money I have!).
  • Contribute set amount to my retirement fund each month.
Social Goals
  • Remember names much better than I currently do.
    • Write them down.
    • Say person's name three times in a short conversation that I have with the person.
    • Remember at least one thing about the person that is unique to them that I can bring up next time I see them (hobbies, current personal events, etc).
  • Rather than jump around a room like I usually do, stick to longer conversations with people.
  • Certain dating goals - Those are a little more personal for me :)
Career Goals (This year I am getting much closer to setting life-altering career decisions, so they must be some pretty good goals for this year).
  • Do everything possible to get a summer internship of my choice.
  • Study for the GMAT to get in the 700+ range.
    • Saturday is study day!
    • Plus 2 hours per day until I take the test.
  • Discover what would be great positions for me in my career
  • List hard and weak skills to develop and focus on one at a time until I am fairly good at it, then move on to the next skill on the list.
Spanish Goals
  • Practice with friends daily
  • Perfect Spanish pronunciation.
  • Learn one word a day.
Church/Spiritual Goals
  • Weekly temple attendance.
  • Memorize all scripture mastery scriptures.
  • Reread entire Standard Works.
  • Gratitude journal.
Studying Goals
  • Review notes soon after lectures.
  • Weekly note reviews to keep information fresh.
  • Take notes as I read my books to better remember what I am reading.
  • Memorize the terms as I learn the chapter, not a day before the test.
And there are a lot of my goals that I want to make into habits, of course I plan to continue to become awesome as I go along!