Friday, January 28, 2011

Less Texting

New goal in life. Less texting.
Texting is totally awesome!

Honestly, when is texting ever considered good?
It is considered tacky if you ask a girl out via texting.
Texting while driving is deadly.
Texting while with friends is just rude.
Looking at your phone on a date is a sign of disinterest, usually people are checking for texts.
It takes so much longer to text than just call someone up.
Texting removes all forms of human interaction, period.
People don't really pay that much attention to your texts.
How easy is it to avoid a text message and not respond to it?

I have come to the conclusion that texting in general is just a bother. I know this because I text a lot, and I have noticed how little it actually does for me.

So that is why I am putting in to place my new goal, less texting all together. I can only think of a few rare situations I'm going to text:
  1. When I need a quick answer.
  2. Tell someone to call me if my previous call did not get through.
  3. Make funny comments about mustaches with my friend while we walk around campus. Seriously guys, why do you have mustaches?
For now on, I'm calling, how else should a social butterfly like myself roll?

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