Saturday, January 8, 2011

Making Goals into Habits

Give me a stock clerk with a goal and I'll give you a man who will make history. Give me a man with no goals and I'll give you a stock clerk."
- J.C. Penny

I like this quote, it not only shows that in order to become a great person, you must have goals, but also people with goals are the ones who become people who make history. And that is what I want for me, to become a person who makes history, well that requires making goals, and those goals must become our habits. Well here are my goals for 2011 that I want to turn into my habits . . . mostly, a lot of them are also just goals that will happen to change my life for the better, helping me to become what I want in the process. Just enjoy what I have written down!

Fitness Goals
  • Finish the complete P90X exercise program one more time.
  • Start a new workout program after P90X. (Possibly intensity)
    • The idea behind all this is to just to continue as I have been at having a great fitness habit for my life.
Nutrition Goals
  • Read at least two books on basics on nutrition.
  • Learn to cook at least one new meal a week.
  • Develop a favorite recipes book.
  • Limit eating out to special occasions (yes ladies, that includes dates).
  • Plan out my meals throughout the day to avoid eating out.
Financial Goals
  • Reach designated amount in my savings account and keep it there (I'm not telling you how little money I have!).
  • Contribute set amount to my retirement fund each month.
Social Goals
  • Remember names much better than I currently do.
    • Write them down.
    • Say person's name three times in a short conversation that I have with the person.
    • Remember at least one thing about the person that is unique to them that I can bring up next time I see them (hobbies, current personal events, etc).
  • Rather than jump around a room like I usually do, stick to longer conversations with people.
  • Certain dating goals - Those are a little more personal for me :)
Career Goals (This year I am getting much closer to setting life-altering career decisions, so they must be some pretty good goals for this year).
  • Do everything possible to get a summer internship of my choice.
  • Study for the GMAT to get in the 700+ range.
    • Saturday is study day!
    • Plus 2 hours per day until I take the test.
  • Discover what would be great positions for me in my career
  • List hard and weak skills to develop and focus on one at a time until I am fairly good at it, then move on to the next skill on the list.
Spanish Goals
  • Practice with friends daily
  • Perfect Spanish pronunciation.
  • Learn one word a day.
Church/Spiritual Goals
  • Weekly temple attendance.
  • Memorize all scripture mastery scriptures.
  • Reread entire Standard Works.
  • Gratitude journal.
Studying Goals
  • Review notes soon after lectures.
  • Weekly note reviews to keep information fresh.
  • Take notes as I read my books to better remember what I am reading.
  • Memorize the terms as I learn the chapter, not a day before the test.
And there are a lot of my goals that I want to make into habits, of course I plan to continue to become awesome as I go along!


  1. Yes! Learn to cook and a whole new lifestyle of health and nutrition is open to you.

    Michael Pollan says "learn to cook and you have power over food"

    If your Mom or Grandma didn't teach you to cook, you're unfortunately left to recipe books and celebrity chefs on TV. The problem is neither of these actually teach you HOW to cook.

    The Food Network is the MTV of Food. MTV used to play music, now they're entertainment ABOUT music. The Food Network is entertainment ABOUT food, they don't teach anyone to cook.

    Neither will you learn how to cook from a book. Written recipes won't teach you to cook any more than having sheet music will teach you to play piano. There are too many variables in recipes that always lead to frustration.

    The best way to free yourself from recipes and cook like a chef at home is to examine the basic cooking methods. When you learn HOW to saute, broil, grill, roast, then you can create your own recipes from what you have on hand.

    Knowing HOW to cook anything is a skill that will save you time, money at the grocery store, improve your health, reunite your family over dinner, eat a greater variety of foods, and have this skill for the rest of your life.

    Chef Todd Mohr

  2. Wow, these are some lofty goals, but I'm pretty sure you can meet them.:)