Thursday, January 27, 2011

10-Day Facebook Fast

Today, this very night, I determined to go on a much needed, 10-day facebook fast. Why you ask? Because that website takes up so much of my time dangit!

Why should I spend so much time reading about all my 800 friends' statuses when I can just call up a really good friend and see how they are doing? Why should I, whenever I think about a cute girl, go look at their profile, rather than text them or call them up? (You know me guys, that has the potential to happen, a lot.) Why should I allow the tyrannical grip of facebook take my precious time when I should be studying for important school projects and the GMAT?

No sir, I will I not be using that website any more for ten days!

Honestly though, it is quite ingenious what I have discovered someone should do if they want to do a Facebook fast.

It's simple:

1) Have the will power to not touch that website for however long you wish.

And that's it . . . or, if you are weak like me and don't have any willpower, at all, you can do this:

1) Turn off any email notifications from facebook.
2) Go to PCTools and automatically generate a password, now don't read the password, just copy it.
3) Go to and send yourself an email for however long in the future you plan to be on your facebook fast. Make sure you include the new password in the email and follow the directions in the email to make sure you get that future email.
4) Change your password on facebook with the new one by pasting it in without knowing it.
5) Logout of Facebook, you are now not able to get onto your profile until the future email gets to you.

And there you go, may your facebook fast be full of joy and abundant new discoveries in yourself. I already feel the desire to see how that one girl is doing . . . darn it.

Note: Thanks to for the links and the idea on how to execute this plan.

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