Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Lonesome Man

I went to BYU's devotional today. Of course it was incredible. We had Elder Robert D. Hales testify to us today. I learned a lot, of course you learn a lot if you really pay attention to the apostles of the Lord. I went with a really fun friend I met in Florida and it was fun to catch up.

As I listened to Elder Hales, of course I wandered, my eyes that is. I am very much a people watcher, call it a hobby of mine if you will, I just love watching random people and try and read what they are doing, thinking, or what have you, body language has a lot to do with it. As my eyes wandered, I noticed up in the high corner of the Marriott Center (the large indoor basketball stadium at BYU used for sports and large group gatherings) a man, a plain man, at the very last row, just sitting there in the dark, all alone. He was behind the speaker so it was a location very venture to unless space demands it, but there was plenty of good seating still in the Marriott Center. I wondered why he was there? What he was thinking? What brought him to such a location?

Was he perhaps planning his plans to take over the world? Was he positioning himself in that position, hoping for attention from a certain girl who would notice him there and later ask "Why were you up there?" Who knows about the last question, everyone knows how we guys just go crazy when we go gaga for a girl. I know I have gone out of my way to get a girl I like's attention. Continuing on with the questions, was he lonely and had a lot to think about? Was school just bugging him and he thought getting up there to the top of the stadium would give him peace, like did he come in when no one was in there, fall asleep, and forgot it would be a devotional with thousands of people entering the stadium? Was he sad and getting up there would give him the privacy he was seeking to hear an apostle of the Lord and feel the inspirations of the Spirit he was so desperately thinking?

Honestly, I have no idea, I am just trying to figure out why the man was there all alone. I guess we will never know. It definitely boosted my confidence in my people watching skills though!

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